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Sleep Apnea Therapy FOR oWASSO

Do you often feel like you could nod off at your desk, or during your morning or afternoon commute? Patients with sleep apnea, a common but under diagnosed condition, struggle with interrupted sleep and often with snoring, too. As a result, instead of feeling rested the next day, you might feel drowsy or have trouble concentrating. You may also experience changes in your mood or have trouble remembering important things. All of these are symptoms to watch out for.

Risks Associated with Sleep Apnea in Owasso

The most pressing problem associated with sleep apnea, though, is that you stop breathing during the night, sometimes for as long as 10 seconds. That, and the fact that you constantly wake up to breathe, accounts for your interrupted sleep and your poor performance the next day.

In addition to this immediate problem, sleep apnea has been linked to a number of other systemic illnesses and diseases. When breathing stops even for a few seconds, the oxygen level in your blood drops. This decrease causes your heart to work harder in order to pump enough oxygenated blood to your vital organs. Consequently, high blood pressure often develops, which can lead to other cardiovascular conditions including heart disease and stroke.

Other illnesses associated with sleep apnea include:

The Reason Behind Sleep Apnea

In most cases, sleep apnea patients stop breathing because of an obstructed airway. That also explains why so many sleep apnea patients struggle with snoring. When airways are obstructed, it’s difficult for air to get through, and whatever air does get through causes the tissue vibrations we associate with that familiar sound.

Treating Sleep Apnea in 74055

But the team at Drake & Voto Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has a solution for sleep apnea that can help you get the restful night of sleep you deserve. Using a custom-made sleep appliance, Owasso residents sleep better because their airways are kept open throughout the night. As a result, you can breathe more easily and without snoring. Just imagine the difference that could make in your and your partner’s lives.

To receive a sleep appliance, Owasso patients must first have a diagnosis. This necessitates having a sleep test in Owasso. Once you’ve been officially diagnosed as a sleep apnea patient, we’ll take an impression of your teeth, which our lab will use to fabricate your custom-made oral appliance.

When you have your finished appliance, treating your sleep apnea is as simple as wearing your oral appliance while you sleep. You’ll notice a difference in your sleeping and in your daily performance within just a day or two. You and your partner both will wake up feeling more rested, more alert, and ready to face the day. And it all starts with a phone call to our Owasso dental office.

Call our Owasso dental office to schedule your visit with our caring dental experts. Dr. Jayson Voto and Dr. Hill Trammell provide preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental care to patients in Owasso, Claremore, Sperry, Collinsville, Tulsa, Skiatook, and surrounding areas.